Northern Air Rescue

Always great to work with my friends at RealWorld Media in Vancouver on a new docu-series. Fly along with one of Canada’s fastest growing, Indigenous owned airlines and watch as their diverse flight crews mount emergency medical rescue missions in some of the most challenging flying conditions in the world.

“Last Paddle?” trailer

Last Paddle?

Just completed original music score for documentary film entitled “Last Paddle?” Not available for streaming yet. First – film festivals – whenever those will reconvene – and then iTunes, etc. So stay tuned for more updates.

Helping out ….if you can

I remember stories my grandmother used to tell me of how hard life was during the Depression (in the 30’s) in Central Canada. In the little town they lived in, everyone looked out for each other when there was little to go around. They made it through together. So can we. Here’s one place to help out. Or wherever else you think can make a difference. If you can.

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Well that was another great year of touring the highways and byways of North America and by the looks of things this year we’ll break just as active. Many thanks to those who caught the show. We may be venturing “down under” this year for a few shows in Australia. After the horrendous fires they’ve had hopefully we can cheer them up a wee bit.

On another note, a TV series I scored is premiering on APTN network. Essentially it shows how our First Nations people are becoming energy-self-sufficient in an environmentally friendly way. It’s a beautiful thing to behold and creates a template for moving forward for all of us.