Native Planet, season 2 | Original music by Doug Johnson


Native Planet, season 2 | Original Music by Doug Johnson

RiverBlue Available Online! – Original music by Doug Johnson


“Riverblue” at the Vancouver International Film Festival 09/2016

Riverblue is being presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival in September, 2016 – check out the trailers!

A Tribute to Keith Emerson 1944 – 2016

Keith Emerson

Well, mid-tour, mid-summer, gigs and composing going well.
I would be remiss not to acknowledge the passing of the great Keith Emerson.
He truly was a hero to me – I spent countless hours transcribing his brilliant compositions and even more hours practicing them.  His pioneering work with synthesizers, Hammond organ and incredible prog rock/jazz virtuosity is the gift he left us.
Thank you and R.I.P Keith

~ Doug Johnson

Happy 2016!

Happy Belated New Year!!
2015 was a good year for the band. We’ll be back at it in Feb. for our 36th year together…
Many thanks to our fans who have supported us through the years.

In my other musical life I’ll start composing tracks for Season 2 of “Native Planet” which is being shot as we speak at various locations around the globe.
I was asked to do the soundtrack again so very excited about that. Wonder what new ethnic instrument I can try my hand at for this new season. Hmmmm….

Shout out to my Tuesday night jazz buddies Don and Laurence…thanks for the brotherhood…

Have a listen to some of my current tracks