Another Busy Summer with Loverboy

And so starts another busy summer touring season with my bandmates.  Lots of shows on our own and of course the Rick Springfield tour coming up in August through October.  You can see where we are here –
We’ll see you out there!

‘Riverblue’ Trailer now Online!

A new trailer for “Riverblue” has been posted. You can check it out here –

Riverblue documentary

Well things are progressing well with “Riverblue” – the documentary which exposes the environmental impact of the garment industry in developing countries.  For a composer, this has been a dream come true.  The film-makers requested expansive, orchestral tracks with a modicum of culturally appropriate ethnic tracks to give the viewer a sense of scale and location.  Hopefully the film will bring awareness about how our retail choices can profoundly affect the environment and the health of workers in another part of the world.

I’ll let you know when this is to be released.

trailer – New Design


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